Follow these steps to use Broward County Schools’ virtual counselling system called Clever:

Broward School Virtual Counselor Student Login

Go to the website which will redirect you to the Clever Platform.
Enter the student ID of your child.

Use the date of birth of your child as the password, followed by a capital “P.” If the user’s birthdate is May 15, 2005, for instance, the password would be “P05152005.”

After logging in, scroll down to find the section for the virtual counsellor.


You will be required to input your child’s student number once more in that box, followed by their birthdate (without the “P” prefix). Month-day-year (MMDDYYYY) is the format to use when entering a birthdate.

Make sure the information about your child’s name and school at the top of the page is accurate.

Now you are logged in and take the maximum benefits possible.