What is a hot desk booking software?

To understand hot desk booking software, you need to know the meaning of two terms – Hoteling and Hot Desking.

1. Hoteling : When an employee reserves a desk in advance using software or app is called hoteling.

2. Hot Desking : When a worker books a desk on first come first basis without any prior reservation or appointment is known as hot desking.

Why do you need a hot desk booking software?

1. Advance booking
2. Locate your desk easily
3. Collaborate with your team
4. Be safe in office
5. Optimal space usage
6. Get rid of double booking
7. Reduce dependency on support staff
8. Safe distance between desks
9. Minimize costs
10. Track engagement
11. Easy fault reporting
12. Automate desk check in
13. Desk presence sensors
14. USB desk sensors
15. Time Saving

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If you are looking for the best hot desk booking software in the market, I will suggest you the name now . You can undoubtedly for Deskflex to meet all your desk booking and parking reservation needs. It will do the following tasks :

Allow people to work how, when, and where they choose, minimising friction and making it easier to plan their day.

Book a desk at their selected location and with the right facilities using a desktop or mobile app.

To ensure a pleasant commute to work, reserve a parking spot.

View the floor plan at a glance to find available and clean desks in real time.

With simply a tap from a prompt, you may simplify and ensure check-in.

SSO integration allows for easier and faster user sign-on.

The interactive floor plan shows who is at the office and where they are sitting in real time.

For a quick catch-up or informal collaboration, find peers and book nearby desks.

Before checking into spaces, employees must undergo a health exam to guarantee that they are safe.

Employee bookings and use are tracked for contact tracking.

Mobile check-in is safe and touchless, reducing the number of touch points.