A Virtual Office is a business premise set up entirely online. In 2023, Virtual Offices provide a number of features to make your business run smoothly. If you are looking for a virtual business office address in Atlanta then this article is for you.

Why You Need Virtual Business Address Atlanta?

  • Business mailing address
  • Office supplies
  • Business phone
  • Telephone answering services
  • Live receptionist
  • LLC setup
  • Business bank account
  • Business taxation
  • Mail forwarding services
  • Call forwarding to your home country number
  • Meeting room, if needed.

Location :

Atlanta is located in the northwest US state of Georgia. 

Governance :

Atlanta has a city council body that looks after the city’s legislative tasks.

Is Atlanta worth your online business office location?

Yes, Atlanta provides many business incentives and has many business incubator centres. It can be an ideal place to start or set up your online business office & address.

Atlanta ranks 5th best city in the entire USA to launch a start-up. While Silicon Valley in California has been dominating the first place in this list for long, Altanta can be a much more affordable option. 

How does Virtual Office work?

Virtual offices provide a home base for your business. Functioning as a physical space, virtual office service providers offer services that range from simple mail and phone answering to full-featured human-powered receptionist services.

 You can rent an office with a dedicated phone number and address. This will allow you to have a professional address where people can come to you or send you mail. You’ll also receive a dedicated phone number with voicemail, fax and voice mail features.

Virtual office providers will provide the tools necessary for your company’s success, no matter how big or small you are. Whether it’s just providing mailing addresses or being a full-service call center, they have the tools that work for your business needs.

Top Virtual Business Office Addresses in Atlanta

general aff virtual business address Atlanta
general aff virtual business address Atlanta

Opus Virtual Offices is one such company that provides virtual space for your business in a number of different locations, including Atlanta. You will get a complete online business office setup in Altanta while working from home.

With an Atlanta virtual office address, they provide a bunch of different features to help with your business, some of which are:



  • Corporate Address to receive letters , docs etc
  • Company USA Phone Number
  • Live Receptionist to answer your clients calls 
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice Mail Converted to Email
  • Discounted meeting rooms
  • Mail Scanning
  • Business Credit Building

Virtual offices have become increasingly popular, as they provide a central location for businesses to conduct their operations. The main advantage of having a virtual office from OPUS Virtual Offices Atlanta is that they offer an address to which mail can be sent.

This allows your business to maintain a corporate mailing address in order to receive mail and send out office notices. Since you are operating from a central location, this can help streamline the process of sending and receiving mail, as well as communicating with clients and employees.

 Many small businesses don’t have a physical location to offer customers whose services they may need. That’s where virtual office solutions come in handy.

OPUS VO provides a business with the ability to have an easy-to-reach and professional phone number, while offering the benefits of a full-service location.

This feature is perfect for small businesses that do not have the manpower to hire a full-time receptionist. OPUS Virtual Offices provides the option for businesses to have their own in-house virtual receptionist.

This means that the business owner does not need to go through the burden of hiring, training and dealing with a live receptionist.

If you want to answer the calls yourself, then they can forward all incoming calls to your home country phone number. 

In any case, those live receptionists will answers your clients’ calls representing your company name rather than Opus VO, allowing you to easily build the trust with  your clients. Your USA business phone number will be a dedicated one.


Peachtree Rd

3379 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326, USA

Most Rated

Camp Creek

3800 Camp Creek Parkway, Building 1400 Atlanta, GA 30344

Most Rated


$ 99 /month with all facilities

 For a limited time, Opus Virtual Office is offering a $100 discount plus one free month of service This is quite interesting, right? Yes, you must keep these two points in mind when using the Opus Virtual Office Promo Code:


1. If you prepay for 11 months, you will receive one month of free subscription.

2. To get the additional $100 off, you need to use  the promo code “WSUF” during checkout.


  • LLC
  • Large business
  • S-Corp
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • NGO

Do you want to see all the OPUS VO Georgia virtual office addresses, including those two Atlanta offices mentioned above?

Just chill; they have a total of 20 locations in the state of Georgia. You can check the details and building images by clicking the button below.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta virtual office with more customised solutions, then Alliance Virtual Offices is one of your best bets. They have been providing virtual office space and telecommuting services since 1992. 

One way they make sure their customers are happy is by offering an impressive portfolio of services for a broad range of industries and businesses. Whether you need a co-working space, a meeting room, or access to remote workers from around the world, Alliance has got your needs covered.

In Atlanta, they have a total of 8 locations.These are:

NW Suite

1201 West Peachtree Street, NW Suite 2625, Atlanta, GA, 30309

Most Rated
  • One month FREE

Exchange SE Suite

1870 The Exchange SE Suite 200, Atlanta, GA, 30339

Lenox Road

3355 Lenox Road NE Suite 750, Atlanta, GA, 30326


2470 Windy Hill Road Suite 300, Marietta, GA, 30067


  • Commercial business address
  • Receive unlimited letters & docs
  • Open mail & scan
  • Use for USA business license
  • Use for USA bank account
  • Address to use on your website and business cards
  • Front lobby assistant to welcome your clients or guests
  • Free online notary to submit form 1583
  • On-demand access to workspace in 1200+ locations.

Alliance Virtual Office provides a virtual business address in Atlanta starting at just $50  per month. Some of their features include:


  • mail forwarding direct to your door 
  • virtual phone & business number 
  • mail receipt and local pickup
  • voip phone system
  • professional setting for meetings
  • local or toll-free number
  • live receptionist
  • private offices and hot desks
  • business center services
A business address is most often used to send e-mails to customers and clients. For instance, a company’s web site may have an interactive map that lets people find their way to the office based on their location. If a customer needs to contact the company, they’ll need the physical address. With Alliance VO, you can easily set up your virtual business address.

One of the most popular features offered by Alliance VO is a live virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists help your customers avoid waiting in line or dealing with inconveniences when they check in or need to inquire about something, which means you can reach more potential customers.

Alliance VO provides private meeting rooms, flexible seating arrangements, and audio/video conferencing facilities that are perfect for small businesses. Depending on the meeting room you choose, they also provide a number of amenities, including refreshments, parking, a whiteboard, Wi-Fi, and admin services.

Alliance offers various pricing structures, and you can choose one based on your requirements. Their Atlanta office package starts with the Platinum plan, which is $ 65/mo, and the Platinum Plus plan with live receptionists, which is $ 185/mo.

You need to visit their website to select the best option and location. The price depends on the location and also changes from time to time. They bring great discounts as well.

Alliance Virtual Office Atlanta Is Suitable For :


  • LLC
  • Large business
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • NGO

Alliance Virtual Office Promo Code :

Alliance Virtual Office distributes promotional codes or special offers on their various services across their locations.These offers are available most of the time throughout the year.

For example, in the months of March and April, you will get promotional discounts due to the financial year ending. But for our readers, there is no need to wait until the season! Throughout the year, use our special promo code “VIRTUALLY50” to save $ 75 on the setup fee.

1. VIRTUALLLY50 : $ 75 off on Office setup fee.

2. SETUPAPRIL40 : $ 40 off on setup fee ( < $ 60 purchase )

3. LRAPRIL22 : $ 40 off on Live Receptionist

4. VPAPRIL22 : $ 10 off on phone 

To get started with Alliance Virtual Offices or to check their different services and prices, click this button below.

Opus Vs Alliance : Pros & Cons

Fixed monthly fee
Price varies based on the locations & facilities
Best for USA & Canada locations
World wide virtual office locations in 42 countries
Contract starts with 3 months minimumContract starts with 6 months minimum
Great choice for online business operations
Great for both online & physical space as they provide secured private office space & co-working space also
Bonus : Hire Experts To File Tax

Anytime Mailbox has a massive 63+ locations in Georgia; 8 of them are in Atlanta as well. 

So you will have a wide range of choices to find the best virtual address to receive, open, delete, and shred official letters digitally. You can also get it forwarded to your home address if you need the document physically.

  • incoming letters & packages
  • Open & Scan
  • Forwarding
  • local pickup
  • check deposit
  • international shipping

Apart from Atlanta, you will get locations like Douglas, East Point, Forest Park, Marietta, Riverdale, Stone Mountain  and so on. 

Northside Drive

1700 Northside Drive, Suite A7, Atlanta, GA 30318

Most Rated

Wieuca Rd

285 W Wieuca Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30342 United States

Most Rated


Starts with 09 USD/month - bronze plan

Anytime Mailbox offers a virtual business address at a very low cost. You can pay it monthly or yearly. 

There are a total of 4 plans: bronze, silver, gold, and unlimited. The bronze plan starts at 9 USD/mo, while 70 USD/mo is the price of the unlimited plan.

They have fantastic customer support teams and are rapidly expanding their locations globally. As of now, their branches exist in all the major countries in the world.

You can definitely try their virtual address services for a month or two and then upgrade to the annual plan to save further. 

  • Individual
  • SMB
  • Mid-size
  • Large business
FAQ - Anytime Mailbox

Can I use my Anytime Mailbox address to register an LLC?

The USA government does not accept Anytime Mailbox private addresses to register your LLC or S-corp, according to the facts. For more info pls visit their official page -

Visit Anytime Mailbox official website for more info!

Can I use my Anytime Mailbox address to get a Google AdSense or Google My Business verification code?

It will not work, Google will immediately reject anytime mailbox addresses. For more info pls visit their official page -

Visit Anytime Mailbox official website for more info!

CHAT FREE TO THESE Atlanta Based Talents

Ipostal’s virtual office provides digital mailbox services to clients worldwide. They have about 2000+ actual street addresses where you can receive your parcels and mail from anywhere. 

You will get an instant notification for any package received, and then you can decide what to do with it.

You can use the Ipostal 1 website or app to manage your mail on the go. You can decide whether to forward the mail, shred it, or store it.

Businesses can use this service to register their business at this address to give it a more professional look. This service can also help you build your presence in many places without needing to open a physical office.

This service is not only for businesses, you can also use it for your personal use. to stay connected, especially when you are away from home.


iPostal has 8+ Atlanta virtual business address locations and 97 addresses in the entire state of Georgia. Two of the most popular are:

Atlanta Financial Center

3343 Peachtree Rd NE Ste 145 Atlanta, GA 30326

Most Rated


Starts with 20 to 50 USD/month

( 30 to 240 mail items /mo )


Ipostal’s virtual office offers two distinct plans from which to choose based on your needs and budget.Their prices primarily vary according to location and benefits. Here is the average price that I found after my research:

  • Virtual Business Address: A virtual mailing address for you to receive business mails and manage them digitally using app or web.

    The plan starts at $9.99/month and goes up to $39.99/month depending upon the number of mails you want to receive. You can get your personal letters as well.

  • Virtual Office: With virtual office address, you will also get a phone number along with your virtual office address. The plans start at $39.99/month and go up to $69.99/month.

This Camp Creek address in Atlanta can be a perfect one for those who want a commercial business address, phone along with the following benefits:

  • business address
  • business phone
  • Register LLC
  • Cheque deposit
  • Office space rental
  • incoming letters & packages
  • Open & Scan
  • Forwarding
  • local pickup
  • Meeting room
  • Event space rental
  • Live receptionist
  • Digital Mailbox
  • international shipping


from $40 to $60 USD per month.

Camp Creek

3800 CAMP CREEK PKWY SW BLDG 1400-116, Atlanta, GA 30331

Most Rated

** The price depends on the features or facilities you want to use so it is advised to cross check on ipostal1 Official Website

ServicesMailing AddressBusiness AddressOffice Space
Monthly Plan Lowest ( $ )101040
Monthly Plan Highest ( $ )404070
Yearly Plan Lowest ( $ )9999399
Yearly Plan Highest ( $ )399399799
Monthly Plan Lowest ( $ )
Monthly Plan Highest ( $ )
Yearly Plan Lowest  ( $ )
Yearly Plan Highest ( $ )
Mail Address Monthly Lowest10
Mail Address Monthly Highest40
Mail Address Yearly Lowest99
Mail Address Yearly Highest399
Business Address Monthly Lowest10
Business Address Monthly Highest40
Business Address Yearly Lowest99
Business Address Yearly Highest399
Office Space Monthly Lowest40
Office Space Monthly Highest70

Office Space Yearly Lowest

Office Space Yearly Highest799
 See Latest Price 
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • LLC
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Large business
  • NGO

To know more or to get started with Ipostal 1 services. click the button below. 

iPostal1Anytime Mailbox
22% market shareOccupied 16% market
starts with $ 10 / moStarts with $ 7/ mo
Manage duplicate mailsNo duplicate management
Enjoy nice graphical mail designerNo graphical mail design
accesspostalmailremotely247 virtual business address Atlanta

Do you think that you may receive lots of parcels & docs each month to your Atlanta business address? Then US Global Mail will the right option for you. 

You will get an online address at Atlanta with unlimited exterior letters scans with US Global Mail. You can use their business address to form LLC, S-corp, C-corp, driving license, EIN, bank accounts and so on.

Roswell Rd

6595 Roswell Rd Ste G Atlanta, Georgia, 30328

Most Rated



Starts with 35 USD/month

( business plan billed monthly, for other packages find below )

US Global offers 2 business plans – 

  • Billed yearly – $ 30 USD/ mo
  • Billed monthly – $ 35 USD/ mo

They also have 2 packages & 4 plans for personal usage. The 2 packages are Basic & Plus. The 4 plans are – 

  • Basic billed yearly – $ 10/mo
  • Basic billed monthly – $ 15/mo
  • Plus billed yearly – 15/mo
  • Plus billed monthly- 20/mo

In all plans you will get 24/7 acess to your digital mailbox that means it better than a physical box. You donot need to travel frequently to collect them. With US Global, you can see letters, open, request shipping to your home country or shread it , manage docs as you want.

US Global Mail Use Cases
Can use to register LLC
Can use for EIN
Can use for business bank accounts, but inform bank that it is from US Global which is a CMRA address.
Can use it for Driving license
Can use both business & personal purposes
Can use for IRS
Letter open & Scan
Unlimited exterior letter scanning
Global mail forwarding
Shredding request
Digital mailbox access 24/7
30 days money back
Can add your employees as users
Worldclass security with Electronic doors, 24/7 surveillance
Discounted shipping – upto 80% OFF of retail shipping rates
Free Cheque deposit
Real USA street address, no PO box
Can add multipls businesses
Can add multiple personal names
Handle letter & Packages both

To get started with US Global Mail simply click the button below.



Virtual office addresses are an excellent way to establish an online presence in the most economical way. There are many options available for selecting a virtual office or address as per your needs.

As mentioned above, Opus Virtual Offices is one of the most economical options available if you are looking for a virtual office in Atlanta, US.

Alliance Virtual Offices provides you with the most flexible options to choose from when looking for a virtual address, office, private office, or coworking space.

Work from anywhere and grow your business. Take care!