Best Virtual Business Address for LLC Setup with Protection

It’s time to set up a virtual business address for LLC. Now-a-days most of the businesses are renting a business address online. It can be done on a monthly or yearly basis.

There is no need to have your own office. You will never use your home address or ask your friends or relatives to use their address for your business after reading this article. 

Benefits of Virtual Business Address

There are plenty of benefits to having a business address online with a reputed brand. No matter in which country you live, you can always rent a virtual business address to do business globally from home.

There are mainly two categories:

  1. Virtual business office
  2. Virtual business address

I am going to present most of the benefits from both categories here.

When Do You Need A Virtual Office ?

Virtual office basically gives you the more benefits than that of a brick and mortar or physical office and the flexibility of working remotely. 

Just imagine the expense you would have to bear to get all those benefits that you will get with a popular virtual business office provider like  OPUS or Alliance. 

When To Consider A Virtual Address ?

If you just need a real street address to register your business, like an LLC in the USA, then go for a virtual business address without the live receptionist option. But a business phone number with call forwarding always helps.


Where You Should Not Use Your Home Address ( Otherwise it be public )

Through out my long career as a business coach, I found wrong usage with their home address by the businesses due to the lack of knowledge and proper guidance. These are the areas where you should NEVER use your own home address; otherwise, it will be publicly accessible to all.

  1. Never use your home address to register a business
  2. Never use your home address on the Google My Business (GMB) page.
  3. Never use your home address on the “contact us” page of your website.
  4. Never use your home address on digital visiting cards.
  5. Never use your home address on social media posts.
  6. Never use your home address on your social media profiles.

Where You Should Not Use Your Home Address ( Otherwise it will be a violation )

  1. Never use your home address at the business bank documents while mentioning the communication and registered business address. Though banks will never expose your address to a third party but it will be wise to use a business address while opening a business current account. 

It builds your business line of credit while you rent an address from a popular provider  in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and so on. 

2. Never use your home address as a seller on the e-Commerce marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart while opening an account as a business. You can easily sell products from home as all letters, cheques, docs will be forwarded to your home by the provider. 

Reasons of Not Using Your Home Address For LLC Registration

  • Privacy concerns
  • Family disagreement
  • Challenge to build business credit line
  • Uninvited guests
  • Increased cold calls
  • Unprofessional

Which USA States Are Best To Setup LLC ?

  • Delaware : business friendly, fast processing & owner protection. The filing fee $ 90 , annual reporting cost $ 300
  • Wyoming: low fees with great benefits, filing fee $ 100, annual reporting $ 50, no corporate and personal income tax, stringent asset protection law.
  • Nevada : Excellent tax benefits, no corp tax, no personal tax, no franchise tax, no annual meetings, greater privacy for owners, no info shared with IRS. But costly – Filing fee $ 425 , annual report fee – $ 350
  • South Dakota : easy to start, no corporate tax but personal tax is there. Filing fee – $ 150, annual report – $ 50
  • Your Home state in US, if any : You may be more familiar with the local laws incase you are permanent resident of an US state. 

Best Virtual office address for LLC in USA

Here I will enlist best virtual offices, office space, virtual business addresses for LLC setup in the USA. You can consider them before registering a new LLC. You can do so as a non-resident or USA resident. Lets discuss one by one

Best virtual office for LLC


1201 North Market Street, Suite 111 Wilmington, DE 19801

Most Rated


$ 99 /month with all facilities

Near to :

Penns Grove, Cherry Island landfill, Brandywine Zoo, Rockford Park