Virtual Business Address New Jersey for LLC

If you need a virtual business address in New Jersey, you can easily get 100s of office and addresses online to choose from.  I will list them below. You can use them for your LLC company registration, business bank account opening, taxation, on website & visiting cards. 

What is a Virtual business address?

A Virtual business address is a business address that is not physical. It’s an online address that can be used to represent a business in cyberspace. Businesses using a Virtual business address can have their operations conducted from anywhere in the world.
This allows businesses to be operated from any location, whether it’s in the United States or Europe. Additionally, this type of business address is perfect for companies with multiple locations around the world. You can use a virtual business address New Jersey to represent your company in multiple locations and languages, so you’re more likely to find customers who understand your brand all around the world.

About New Jersey


New Jersey is located in the NE part of USA and it shared border with the states of New York & Delaware. 

Capital city : Trenton
Largest city : Newark
Most popular as a business centre : Newark
Jersey city : the 2nd most populous city after Newark

Why You Need A New Jersey Business Address ?

A New Jersey business address could be necessary for credibility, market access, tax advantages, legal needs and remote work. Having a physical presence in the state can give mail and other contacts a centralised place.

Is New Jersey a City or State?

New Jersey is a state in the USA. 

Is New Jersey Business Friendly?

With dynamic business communities, simple access to transit, a variety of talent pools, an abundance of resources and support for entrepreneurs; Newark, Jersey City, Princeton, and Hoboken are popular places in New Jersey for residents & non-residents to launch a business.

The ideal location will rely on the particular requirements and objectives of the company, and it’s crucial to take into account aspects like client accessibility, talent availability, resource accessibility, and support services.

Which businesses have headquarters in New Jersey ?

Here are a few well-known companies with their corporate headquarters in New Jersey :

Johnson & Johnson – Medical & pharma
Prudential Financial – Finance
Merck & Co.-  Pharma
Honeywell International –  Aerospace
Campbell Soup Company- Food & Snacks
Bed Bath & Beyond- Retail
PSEG – Electric & Gas
ADP – HR & Payroll 
Quest Diagnostics – Medical lab


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Opus Virtual Offices (Opus VO) is a company that provides virtual business addresses and virtual offices. A virtual office is a working space that can be used by different people to conduct business remotely. A virtual office is also a great way to reduce work time and improve communication between people.

In New Jersey alone, Opus VO provides a virtual business address at more than 40 locations in 17 different cities. All of these locations have a different business address but the basic features provided remain the same. These features include:

Opus Virtual Office Solutions can be used by small businesses, large businesses, or even governments. It can be used to get multiple spaces with different configurations, as well as an online presence for your business. You can also use Opus Virtual Office Solutions to connect with other businesses in your industry through collaborative workspaces.

  • Corporate Mailing Address – A corporate mailing address is also provided which you can use to receive packages and mails.

  • Company Phone and Fax Number – A company phone number and the fax number is one of the integral part of your business. A local phone number and fax number of your choice is provided.
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  • Voicemail Converted to Email – All the voice mails you receive on your company phone number will be converted into a WAV file and sent to your email address.

  • Business Credit Building – Your credit history will be improved by providing a complimentary monthly payment history to credit reporting agencies. This will help you strengthen your business credit and improve your overall rating.


188 Jefferson Street Newark, NJ 07105


Opus has a fixed price of $99 a month for all locations including all benefits


Opus services include:

  • Business mailing address
  • Live receptionist to answer
  • Company phone number
  • Company fax number
  • Build business credit
  • Voicemail to email conversion
  • Fax to email conversion
  • Forward / transfer calls

Here are the 17 more cities in New Jersey and 17 addresses where you can get virtual office, virtual address, mail forwarding, live receptionist services from OPUS.

Clifton 377 1/2 Valley Road, Clifton, New Jersey, 07013 Offices at Clifton, NJ
Hoboken 50 Harrison Street Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030 Offices at Hoboken, NJ
North Marlton 525 Rt 73 North Marlton, New Jersey, 08053 Offices at North Marlton, NJ
Newark 110 Jabez Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07105 Offices at Newark, NJ
Scotch Plains 1812 Front Street, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 Offices at Scotch Plains, NJ
Trenton 247 East Front Street , Trenton, NJ 08611 Offices at Trenton, NJ
East Windsor 859 Route 130 North, East Windsor, NJ 08520 Offices at East Windsor, NJ
Lakewood 216 River Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Offices at Lakewood, NJ
Middletown 107 Tindall Road, Middletown, NJ 07748 Offices at Middletown, NJ
Parsipanny 8 Campus Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Offices at Parsipanny, NJ
Seaville 12 Route 50, Seaville, NJ 08230 Offices at Seaville, NJ
Williamstown 2030 N Blackhorse Pike, Williamstown, NJ 08094 Offices at Williamstown, NJ
Fort Lee 2037 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Offices at Fort Lee, NJ
Madison 300 Main Street, Madison, NJ 07940 Offices at Madison, NJ
Montclair 18-20 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042 Offices at Montclair, NJ
Princeton 300 Carnegie Center , Princeton, NJ 08540 Offices at Princeton, NJ
Somerset 458 Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873 Offices at Somerset, NJ

Opus Virtual Office also provides some additional services which can be obtained with extra price, these include:
Call Out Feature
This feature will let you make calls using your smartphone or computer but the number shown as the outbound caller ID will be the company number that was provided to you. Unlimited domestic calls are also included. It costs 10$/month.
International Call Transfer
For an additional 10$/month, you can transfer incoming calls to your international number.
Additional Extension / Voice Box
You can get an additional extension for a co-worker or an employee for 25$/month per extension.
Opus Promo Code – You can get 1 month free if you pay for 12 months together while paying for the virtual business address. Promo Code -‘ WSUF ‘

(Type WSUF during checkout for discounts )

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If you’re looking for the most reputable virtual office space providers, Alliance Virtual Offices is one of your best bets. They have been providing virtual office space and telecommuting services since 1992. One way they make sure their customers are happy is by offering an impressive portfolio of services for a broad range of industries and businesses. Whether you need a co-working space, a meeting room, or access to remote workers from around the world, Alliance has got your needs covered.  Alliance Virtual Offices provide different services including

1. Virtual Offices

A Virtual Office is a business premise set up entirely online. Virtual Offices provide several features to make your business run smoothly. Alliance Virtual Offices provide virtual Business Address New Jersey starting from just 50 dollars per month. In New Jersey alone there are more than 20 different locations to choose from. They provide different plans that perfectly suits to the business owners.

The price will vary depending on the location and plan you choose. Some of their features include:

  • 1 Free Phone number
  • Commercial business address
  • Call Forwarding
  • Unlimited call minutes, both local and long-distance
  • Live receptionist answering calls from 8 am to 9 pm according to Eastern US time.
  • Receive unlimited letters
  • Meeting rooms and office space available for additional fees.


2. Live Receptionist

  • A live receptionist is a great way to handle customer service. A live receptionist ensures that you have someone on hand to answer your questions and help with transactions.
  • This allows you to focus on your business instead of having to deal with customer service. You can also use a live receptionist to keep track of the progress of your customers.
  • This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on what’s going on and make sure that everyone is doing their job correctly. Alliance VO provides Live Receptionist services starting from just 95$/month with no setup fees. The Live Receptionist features include:

i. Unlimited minutes, both local and long-distance

ii. Scheduling appointments

iii. One national 411 Phone number included

iv. Customized recordings

v. Online Control panel to manage things


3. Virtual Phone number

 A virtual phone number is a great feature of a Virtual Office. With a virtual phone number, you can easily connect to customer service or other business associates online. You don’t have to worry about finding the right phone number or having your personal phone number accessible online.

You can also use a virtual phone number to schedule appointments, manage customer contacts, and more. Alliance VO provides virtual numbers for just 30$/month.



4. Conference rooms

 Conference rooms can be used for business meetings, training or development sessions, or even marketing events. You can have as many conference rooms or meeting spaces as you need, and they can be set up in different locations.

You can also use the virtual office to create a virtual office space for your personal use. This is a great way to keep your business expense down and make your work more efficient. Alliance VO provides meeting rooms at 18 different locations in New Jersey alone starting from just 20$/hour.

The price will vary depending on the size of the meeting rooms and the features available. But some amenities available are:

i. Complimentary Food and Coffee

ii. Wi-Fi

iii. Printer and Scanner

iv. A writing wall or a whiteboard

v. Paid parking


Offers or Discounts – Alliance VO provides several promo codes which you can use while checkout to get instant discounts. The promo codes are mentioned beside –

SETUPJAN22 – To get 50% off on setup fees.
LRJAN22 – To get 50% off on Live Receptionist plans for the first month. Take Survey – Take a survey and tell Alliance VO about your business and get a chance to win a 200$ Amazon gift card.
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iPostal1 provides a digital mailbox service with over 2200 real street address for your business.

It allows you to manage your mails and packages from anywhere around the world using their mobile application or website. iPostal1 offers a real street address to register home-based businesses, an upgraded business image, and privacy protection.



This service is available for a fraction of the cost of renting out a traditionally shared office space. In New Jersey alone they provide 78 different locations and offer 3 different plans starting from 9.99$/month and 30 items/month.

All their plans include the following features with no additional cost –

i. Real US address

ii. Flexible shipment scheduling

iii. Personal Digital Mailbox

iv. 2GB cloud storage and 24/7 access to your mail items

v. Automatic email alert for newly received items.


In all of the iPostal plans you will get 2 months for free if you pay 12 months at a time.

Some of their optional services include :

1. After the mail items exceeds the specified items in the plan, an additional .35$ will be charged per item.

2. Fax – You can receive fax up to 6 pages for 2$ each and after that .25$ per page.

3. Insurance – 100$ of insurance is provided free, but you can get additional insurance for 2$ for each 100$ of insurance.

4. Extended Storage – You can extend your free storage starting from just 1.10$/month per item.

5. Consolidate packages – You can combine multiple packages into a single box for 1.95$ per box consolidated.

Virtual Office Plan

Their Virtual office plans include some additional Phone and Fax features which are mentioned below

1. Phone number – You can choose a local number in any US state.

2. Voicemail Greeting – Free personal voicemail greeting is also provided.

3. Inbound calls – Inbound calls to US numbers cost 0.015$ per minute while they cost 0.035$ per minute when it comes to toll-free numbers.

4. Fax – Incoming fax from US numbers cost 0.10$ per page. Incoming fax from international numbers cost 0.15$ per page.

5. Outbound call – Outbound calls to US numbers cost 0.02$ per minute and to Alaska numbers, they cost 0.12$ per minute.


New Jersey offers a number of business grant programmes to help companies of all sizes and stages. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Small Business Lease Help Program: This initiative offers small companies funds to help with lease expenses. The subsidy may cover a maximum of $10,000 per year, or up to 15% of the yearly leasing cost.

  • The Sustainable Business Initiative offers small businesses funding to help them adopt sustainable practises like waste reduction programmes, water conservation measures, and energy efficiency improvements. Up to $20,000 in total, the grants can pay for up to 50% of the project’s expenses. 
  • The Innovation Challenge Grant Program offers funding to corporations and nonprofit organisations for creative initiatives that solve crucial social and environmental issues. The business owners can get up to one million USD worth free money based on their projects.

  • The Urban Enterprise Zone Program offers subsidies and tax breaks to companies with offices in certain state-designated urban regions. Sales tax exemptions, lower business taxes, and grants for capital investments are a few examples of the incentives.

These are just a few instances of the New Jersey business grant programmes that are offered. You can visit the New Jersey Economic Development Authority website or chat with a small business counsellor at your neighbourhood Small Business Development Center to find out more about these programmes and others that might be available (SBDC).

Conclusion :

Virtual business address is a way for businesses to have flexible workspaces that can be used at any time. They can also be used as a way to reduce commuting time.

Virtual offices can help businesses save money on office space and costs, and they can help employees stay connected with their team. Different companies provide Virtual business addresses, you can choose one depending on your requirements.

Opus VO provides virtual offices at different locations with a bunch of different features including a Live receptionist and business address starting from just 99$/month.

iPostal1 is basically a digital mailbox service. They provide services to manage your mail and packages from anywhere in the world using their mobile application or website, starting from just 9.99$/month.

Alliance VO provides different services including virtual offices, virtual phone numbers, and meeting rooms. In terms of price alone, their services come fairly cheap when compared to their competitors. Although, the price could vary depending on the location