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Accepting Guest Posts, Write for Us & Become a Contributor

To be honest, we are willing to discuss everything that has to do with the mentioned category here. Check out the following to get a sense on what you can write about, or visit our blogpage to understand the type of articles we’ve published.


Benefits of Guest Posting Submission

There are many benefits of submitting the guest post on any website. First of all you are already in front of the existing audience. You will write an impressive piece of article that should entice the readers.

Second, we will give a you permanent dofollow link that helps to rank on search engines. But before that you should send your website url and article to our email id for the review. We accept limited and quality business websites only.

Third, you will make you a contributor with your name to get the recognition that many want. But there are some conditions you need to fulfill , one of them is that your writing should be engaging and user-friendly.

Type of Content to Guest Blog

Content Format: examples, how-to guide, comparison, list article, tutorial, tips and tricks, etc.

Guideline to Write For Us on Business Technology

  • We like to publish quality informative article. We do not publish any untrustworthy, misleading or spammy article.
  • Your article should be 900+ words, 100% unique & AI free. You should give us Originality.ai, Copyscape and Grammarly reports along with the article in doc or word file.
  • Your article should be informative, well written in English without grammatical error and SEO optimized.
  • Use low competitive keywords and eye catchy title.
  • Add the article h1, h2, h3… tag, paragraphs and bullet points properly.
  • The article should not be published on any other website or online platform.
  • You have to provide a relevant unique feature image width 1200* height 975 pi (if you can’t provide, no problem we’ll mange). It should be in webp format and less than 1 MB in size.
  • We provide one do follow permanent link in one article, not more than that.
  • Send a good author bio up to 50 words. You can connect your image with WordPress Gravatar ( You should mention your wish on the email clearly if you want to publish your name, bio and photo along with the article )
  • Use short paragraphs (2-3 sentences).

Guest Post Opportunities for You :

Here are the categories on which you can write an engaging article for us.

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Important Note :

1: No Adult, Bitcoin, Casino, CBD, Gambling related article.

2: We do not allow this type of links, which link are direct connect to sells page.

3: We reserve all rights to edit or modify your article.

How to Reach Us for Guest Posting Enquiry :

If you follow all our guidelines, you will need to send us email to both of these email IDs :