Do you want to use a virtual office in Ottawa for your online business? Before you do, you should be aware of the legal implications and potential risks.

In this article, we’ll look at whether it’s legal to conduct your entire business from a virtual office in Ottawa, as well as what you should know before renting a virtual business address. If you want to register your business in Canada’s capital, keep reading the below FAQs to get that answer and more.

Can I use a virtual office to a Canadian Company?

Yes, a virtual office can be used to register a company in Canada. Both a Canadian resident and non-resident can use a virtual office address for business registration, taxation, utility bills, bank account opening, and so on.

If you book it from one of the reputed providers, they will mention it on their website and in the contract. So there is no need to ask this question to an attorney or lawyer. I saw those confirmations on these two websites :

* Opus Ottawa virtual offices
* Alliance Ottawa virtual offices

Are virtual offices or virtual business addresses legal to use in Canada?

Yes, it is 100% legal to use a virtual business address in Canada. You will find that many successful businesses have already opted for virtual offices to expand their business presence in Canada. The cost is very low compared to a physical office rental, and you will get all the facilities on time.

However, it is important for you to maintain all the business compliances, like registration, renewal, taxation, and so on. Some of them are just one time; the rest are on a renewal basis.

Where is Ottawa ?

This Canadian capital city is located in the southern part of Ontario state. So Ottawa is a city while Ontario is the state. Another nearby city Toronto is the capital of Ontario and Ottawa is the capital of entire Canada.

Famous Businesses or Headquarters in Ottawa

Abbott ,
Ford Motor,
Pepsi Co,

How to verify the details that I need before booking a virtual office?

Visit the website and read each and every details to confirm that your requirements are getting fulfilled or not. For example, if want a dedicated business phone number and call transferring system, then it should be clearly mentioned in the website.

Are virtual office and virtual address same ?

Although the terms “virtual office” and “virtual address” are frequently used similarly, they may have different meanings.

The term “virtual office” is typically used to describe a package of services that give a business a real address, mail handling and forwarding, phone answering and forwarding, and on-demand access to conference rooms or other facilities. It is a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with all the benefits of a traditional office without the need for a physical site.

On the other hand, a virtual address is often only the real company address, lacking the additional services and benefits that come with a virtual office package.

Virtual offices and virtual addresses are similar but distinct from one another, to sum up.


Ottawa Govt Support

The Canadian govt introduced the new Digital Adoption program to help with the digital tools the local businesses need. The Ottawa govt donated C$ 7 Million in 2020 to the ecommerce business owners. They also bring small business grants time to time. In March 2022, they distributed $ 4 Billion among 160k business owners.

Tax Advantage

C$ 800k capital gains exemption on the sale of incorporation shares

You can claim tax deferral if retain the earnings within your Ottawa corporation.

To consult with a Canadian Tax consultant for FREE : CLICK HERE

free chat with tax consultants virtual office ottawa

Best Virtual Office Ottawa

In Ottawa, we will find a wide range of virtual office address services. We picked some of the best options available in the market. You can book them online and enjoy the benefits to grow your business.

How much does a virtual office cost in Ottawa Canada?

It depends what are the benefits you want with a virtual office in Ottawa. Lets categorise them in two parts.

Part 1 :

Your business office address in Ottawa Canada will be :

78 George Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5W1

It will cost you $ 99 / mo if you want all these benefits –

Live Receptionist Answering Calls
Corporate Mailing Address
Company Phone Number
Company Fax Number
Premium Call Transferring (Call Forwarding)
Voice Mail Converted to Email
Faxes Converted to Email
Business Credit Building

To See the office images : CLICK HERE

Part 2:

Your business office address in Ottawa Canada will be :

100 Metcalfe Street Suite 200,
Ottawa, K1P 5M1

This package will cost you $ 60/ mo.

Corporate Business Address
Receive Unlimited Letters
Use for LLC
Front Lobby Receptionist To Welcome Your Client
Use at Banks & Tax docs
Use on Website contact page & Visiting cards

You will NOT get a business phone number, call forwarding and live receptionist to answer your clients calls. But you can get all the business letters and parcels forwarded to your home address with a small additional fee.

To See the office images : CLICK HERE

Opus Virtual Office Address Ottawa

Whether you want to start your online business or need to expand it to Ottawa, Opus virtual office can be a great option. You can share the following Canadian business address to your clients from the very next day once the paper work ( digital notary ) is over. It is just like plug and play.

general aff virtual office ottawa
  • Commercial business address
  • Business phone number
  • Call transfer to your mobile
  • Live receptionist
  • Business credit building
  • Live receptionist will pick the calls as your employee and generate leads for you.
  • Your guests will get a warm welcome
  • Can use to register a company in Canada
  • Use this address to open a Canadian bank account
  • Use it to submit taxes
  • Showcase it on your company website contact us page
  • Print it on business visiting card

PRICE : Price : $ 99 / month ( inclusive of all benefits)


78 George Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5W1

Opus Ottawa Office Is Suitable For

Opus is a virtual office service provider that is suitable for the following:

• Small business
• Average size
• Big Company
• Individual
• S-Corp

Virtual Offices in Ontario :

Apart from Ottawa, there are two more virtual office locations in Ontario . These are Toronto & Oakville.

Use all the services that Opus is able to offer and begin taking advantage of the new innovative approach to run company.

  1. How a virtual office in Ottawa Canada can boost my business?


    1. You will get better business loans
    2. Higher chances of getting business grants, where you will NOT repay the funds. You just need to write and submit the grant application properly. To chat for FREE with the best grant writers – CLICK HERE
    3. Helps to build trust with your customers, stakeholders, banks, suppliers and employees.
    4. Quick approval in online applications including Amazon , eBay, Walmart.

  2. Which businesses are the best fit to have a virtual office in Ottawa Canada?

    • Small business
    • Average size
    • Big Company
    • NGO
    • Individual
    • S-Corp

Virtual Business Address rentals Ottawa

There is one top -rated virtual mailbox provider in Ottawa. The address is :

PO Address
1075 North Service Road,
West Unit 100, Oakville, ON, L6M 2G2 ,

PRICE : Starts from $ 40 / mo
They have total 4 plans – green , blue, silver & gold based on the number of mails received.

The facilities you will get are :

A business addressRecycling & shredding
Online business letters
opening & management
Letter forwarding
Secured online cloud storageLocal Pickup
Automatic letter or parcel alertsCheck deposit

Will I have any minimum month commitment while booking a virtual office ?

Yes there will be a contract for a minimum 3 months period.

Shall I book a virtual office or a virtual address in Ottawa Canada?

If you just need an address then go for the Ottawa virtual business address only .

But if you need an address along with a phone number, call forwarding, live receptionist then you can rent an Ottawa virtual office .

In both options, you can use it for all business purposes like business registration, taxation, website, bank accounts etc.

Do I need to pay each month for a virtual office in Ottawa Canada?


You can either pay month or yearly. If paid yearly, you will get additional discounts.
Discount codes for opus : WSUF
Discount codes for Alliance :  VIRTUALLLY50 



It’s essential to carefully research and select a reputable virtual office provider to ensure that the services offered match your individual business goals and requirements. Other cautions can include the need to manage your virtual office carefully to keep costs down and prevent paying for services you won’t utilise.

Ultimately, if carefully examined and maintained, a virtual office in Ottawa can be a valuable alternative for businesses and professionals seeking flexibility, cost savings, and professional assistance.

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