In this article we are going to see the result of our recent speed test between an Airalo e-SIM and regular Sim.

We took the physical SIM form Verizon 5G data plan with the highest data package that Verizon offers and an eSIM from Airalo. We enabled the data connections of both of them on two different devices. They both were on 5G. The e-SIM device was working on an app without any physical SIM card but still had 5G right there.

eSIM vs Physical SIM Signal Strength

We did our first test with the e-SIM iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G device. The network icon was written as “P” . It had a download speed of 84 Mbps and upload 10 is 78 Mbps. I felt ashamed of my broadband connection with 25 and 3 Mbps respectively. The internet speed with this eSIM was way more faster than my broadband connection.

Next we tested the internet speed with the physical SIM mentioned with an icon as ” S ” on the phone. Here I got the download speed of 79 Mbps and upload speed of 11 mbps. So here the upload speed is better than eSIM but download speed is little slower on a physical SIM.

Final Thoughts


Actually the result fluctuates from time to time. I tested many times before as well and could not find any major differences between them in terms of signal strength or network speed. You can also try yourself once , hope you will also find the same result like me. An e-SIM can be very useful specially when you do international travel.

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