Businesses no longer need to adapt to workplace standards and expectations. This table will be helpful for you to understand how to cut business costs on your physical office rent.

Outdated Business OfficeModern Business Office
Renting a physical officeRent a virtual office online on monthly basis from Alliance
Hiring own office staffs for front office, cleaning, security staffs etc. You need to bear their expenses like salaries, insurance, leaves etc. Your all staffs will come to the office to work.All staffs will be from Alliance, you will not pay their salaries or insurance. You can simply hire super-experienced virtual assistants for any tasks from HERE starting with $ 5 only. All of them will work from home with their own setup and deliver the work to you.
Stationaries, printing, electricity, internet costAll the stationeries and utility bills will be paid by Alliance.
Buying computers, machines, AC, chairs, tables, coffee filters etcAlliance will be responsible for those complete office setup.
Parking arrangements, canteen, washrooms, couriers costsYou will no need to build those infrastructures, Alliance will take care of all those.
Your office is limited to one fixed location onlyAccess any of their 1200+ locations around the globe

Popularity Of Flexible Workspace :

These trends have been gathering pace for many years and even decades, but it was the onset of the pandemic that really accelerated the shift to flexible work. It’s a new age for business that offers exciting opportunities to grow and save.

Over the next few years, flexible office space is expected to increase by 34%. However, credibility with clients, investors, and banks remains crucial for the achievement of your business. This is usually in the form of a physical business address. The good news is that you don’t need to rent an expensive office space.

There are numerous ways you should keep working on how to cut business costs of office space and other business resources without losing your credibility. In this modern business world, Alliance Virtual Offices assist businesses in growing quickly and flexibly.

How to Cut Business Costs

With high-quality flexible workspaces, remote receptionist services, and virtual phone technology, Alliance helps modern companies reduce long-term commitments to costly resources without sacrificing credibility or operational efficiency. What’s more, it’s beneficial for productivity too. Having physical space available in 1200+ locations worldwide makes it easy to meet, collaborate, or find a private office for solo work anywhere you or your team need to be

With Alliance Virtual Offices, you’ll get a virtual office with a commercial address at a very lower cost in comparison to a traditional office lease. And because you pay for the address rather than full-time office space, it’s far more cost-efficient than a traditional workplace.

What You Will Get With A Virtual Office

However, every Virtual Office has an onsite physical workspace available any time you need it. Book meeting rooms or desk space by the hour and work productively in a professionally managed workspace designed for business success.

Choose conference rooms with enough of space, little background noise, and everything you need for a focused, effective meeting. The friendly onsite staff sets up your room, greets visitors, and ensures every meeting runs smoothly. Need more workspace?

Choose a monthly coworking space and use the space as much or as little as you need during business hours. When you reduce your reliance on physical office space, you don’t just cut monthly rental costs.

The 5-in-1 Trick

Once you rent a virtual office address online you will start saving a lot on these 5 areas :

  • Your office energy costs like electricity, car fueling, AC will NOT be there.
  • All furniture like sofa, table, desks, lockers will be from Alliance, so you will spend zero on office furniture.
  • Why you will do office maintenance like cleaning, painting, repairing etc while it’s belong to someone else? So again a cost cutting opportunity for you.
  • You will not break your bank just to pay the salaries, insurance, leave allowance, gratuity to your employees.
  • Above all you will save a lot of time in commuting or travelling your office to do business meeting or collecting docs and parcels. All will be online for you.

I hope you understood how to cut business costs on physical office rent. Every Virtual Office center also provides a friendly, professional receptionist to greet visitors and provide day-to-day assistance, too.

When it comes to answering calls, Alliance Virtual Offices can handle that too with their affordable Live Receptionist plans. At a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee, Alliance’s professional live receptionist service takes care of calls and customer inquiries, which strengthens your customer call experience while also reducing distractions, giving you valuable time back to focus on growing your business.


For up to six days a week, your receptionist will screen calls, capture leads, and schedule appointments on your behalf — all according to your requirements and real-time calendar. It’s a flexible and cost-efficient way to manage calls and appointments .

How Much Does An Alliance Virtual Office Address Cost?

The price of Alliance virtual office varies on two factors – locations and facilities. If I take their Austin Texas location then it starts from 45 USD / mo. In this platinum package you will a commercial business address, letter receiving, permission to use it for LLC registration, bank account opening, website contact page, visiting card, tax purposes.

By paying a little extra fee you can forward the letters to your home address and get a dedicated business phone number, call forwarding system and live receptionist.

Every plan includes a dedicated business number and a market-leading Virtual Phone system too, with unlimited extensions, auto-attendant, and caller menus, to helpfully assist callers during out-of-hours.


Don’t feel tied to an old-school vision of what a business should look like. Instead, cut the fat this year and focus that time and money on more important aspects of your business. These are the techniques on how to cut business costs. Hope you enjoyed it, wish you all the very best in your business journey.

Is there any minimum months contracts required?

Yes, minimum 6 months. If you want to go for 3 months minimum then please visit Opus website

Do I need to sign any document with them?

Yes, you need to sign an online notary form 1583 with the provider.

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