Remote Working - More Than A Trend Now !

This is the time when both business owners and staffs want to understand which one is better for them – Coworking Space vs Working From Home?

For the past couple of years, working from home became the norm for a lot of people and businesses. And, while many companies have decided to bring their employees back to the office (even if just for a couple of days a week), most are still managing a remote workforce.

Whether the reasons are still due to the pandemic or if the company has just decided to continue something that is working for everyone, remote working is catching on and probably going to be the choice of many businesses.

Coworking Space vs Working From Home

Work from home became so popular in the recent years that corporate world also cannot ignore it. That’s why 74% business owners said they will move at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19, and nearly a quarter of respondents said they would move at least
20% to a permanent remote position. 

Work From Home Advantages

There are lots of advantages of work from home both for the employees and employer.

Lets discuss how beneficial it is for the employees or staffs. 

  1. No travel at all
  2. Own environment
  3. No particular uniform
  4. Alteration in daily tasks
  5. Flexible hours
  6. Be in touch with family.
  7. Work life balance

Now how it can be helpful to the employers or business owners – 


  1. Cost effective as no office maintenance.
  2. Easy to conduct meetings or send messages to all staffs using WhatsApp group, Google meet, Zoom etc
  3. No office cleaning
  4. No need of canteen
  5. No receptions
  6. More sustainanble
  7. Location independence

Work From Home Disadvantages

While there are many benefits to working from home and most will agree that they prefer it, working from home isn’t always conducive to full-time work. At times it can be distracting and even isolating.

Coworking, however, provides a connected workplace with an established community of professionals to help you regain focus and maximize productivity. Professionally managed workspaces have been popping up more and more.

Co- Working Space Working From Home
Easy to control the staffs Lesser control
More productive Less productive
Easy access to technical office Difficult to reach to the technical team
Teamwork Isolated work culture
Risky in covid situation
Safer in covid & maintain social distancing
Incur more cost Cost efficient
Travel is required to reach At home, so no travel at all
Uniform or official dresses
Formal dress is not mandatory all time
Fixed hours duty only Both Flexible & fixed available
Daily routine tasks Can modify daily schedule
May get boring with 9-5
Time in your hand to plan accordingly

One such resource for finding the right coworking space in USA, that’s also still near home, is a company called Alliance Virtual Offices.

They help innovative businesses scale faster with high-quality flexible workspaces and market-leading tech infrastructure. With their network of 1200+ global locations, you can modernize the way you work and boost your productivity.


Co-working with Alliance Virtual Offices allows you to upgrade your at-home workspace and take advantage of a business-focused space that provides everything you need to work productively.  

Every one of their co-working spaces also has onsite staff to manage the workspace, welcome guests, receive your mail, and provide support anytime you need it. 

Plus, you can become part of an established co-working community, connecting with like-minded professionals to gain fresh ideas, learn new tips or skills, or just have an adult conversation throughout your day. 

Coworking Space Cost

The cost of a coworking space really depend on the location and what benefits you need. Still you can a get it for $ 99 at Orlando, FL or Houston, TX. 

You will get the following benefits : 

  1. Full Time Hot Desk or Open Seating
  2. Access to Meeting Space and Private Offices
  3. Wifi
  4. Coffee & Snacks (availability varies by center)
  5. Month to Month
  6. Enterprise document management
  7. Networking Events

Is Coworking Space Worth It?

But is coworking space really worth it? Yes. Coworking has rewritten the book on workplace wellness, and you can rest assured that your chosen coworking space is frequently cleaned, sanitized, and carefully
managed by attentive onsite staff.

So, just because we’re working from home more now, doesn’t mean you are chained to your house. Head over to Alliance Virtual Offices and see if co working is the right fit for you.

The Conclusion

Though Alliance virtual office is one of the most trusted and reputed brand as a virtual office or co working space provider, I would always suggest to do talk or chat with them as well. 

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