Are you selling on Amazon or Walmart? Always need valid UPC codes or valid barcodes from reliable sources ? 

We need a UPC or barcode to create amazon listing. These barcodes are just like unique identifier numbers for pretty much every product that is sold in retail around the world.

Why Do I Need UPC Codes?

Ecomm marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Flipkart require you to have that barcode before you can list your product.

UPC vs Barcode

A barcode is a 12 digit number or code on the upc label. An electronic machine reads it during the products shipment in the ecommerce industry.  So there is no such major difference between a upc and a barcode. 

UPC Code vs EAN

If you sell in the US or in Canada then you need a universal product code ( UPC) and if you are a seller in Europe then you need to use an EAN number which is European article number.

This article will help you for sure. I am going to enlist the top 5 genuine resources or websites for your UPC codes requirements. These sites are –

  • 100% safe to use
  • All UPC codes are valid
  • Best & lowest price
  • Great customer support

What is a UPC code ?

It has a series of black bars with 12 digits numbers below it. The sellers use it on the packaging to identify it easily from others using scanner machine.


Where Do I Buy UPC Codes?

These are the list of great websites from where you can buy UPC codes with full confidence. We did in-depth researches and made this list for you !

We purchase all our barcodes or UPC from Barcodes Talk. This is an amazing and really effective website. Their customer support is really great and you will get plenty of educational materials. Here are the steps :

  1. Create an account 
  2. Choose the location – USA, Canada or GTN 13 for Europian, Asian and other countries.
  3. Add email
  4. Add password
  5. Next
  6. Barcodes Overview
  7. Add quantity ( the more you buy, cheaper it will be)
  8. Proceed to checkout
  9. Add your company or business name
  10. Collect GTA certificate
  11. Add name and number
  12. Read & Accept the terms
  13. Review the order
  14. Pay the amount using cards or Paypal
  15. Download your barcodes
  16. Read the FAQ to learn more if you want
  17. Open the file
  18. Get the certificate of assignment
  19. Download the assignment in a spreadsheet
  20. Print of barcodes and use them.


The above process and the barcodes can be used in any countries in the world. 


1. Barcodes Talk

2. Amazon UPC Barcodes
3. Buy A Barcode
4. Simply Barcodes


UPC Barcodes For Amazon

As I also sell on Amazon I can tell the rule of UPC barcodes for Amazon. You will need a separate barcode for every size, variant and colour of your product.

Here’s an example if you have three sizes three colors three styles three packages then you’re going to need 81 barcodes for each one of these variants so this is just something to keep in mind.

This rule is applicable on all the marketplaces and it is a standard that the sellers need to maintain always to identify the products easily and ship them quickly. 

UPC Code Price

The barcode or UPC code price becomes less when you buy more.  Here is the price chart – 

  1. One barcode – 5 USD
  2. Five barcodes – 10 USD
  3. Ten barcodes – 15 USD
  4. Twenty five barcodes – 25USD
  5. Fifty barcodes – 35 USD
  6. Hundred barcodes – 45 USD
  7. Two hundred barcodes – 80 USD
  8. Five hundred barcodes – 125 USD
  9. Thousand barcodes – 180 USD 

How To Save On Barcode Price

During your product research,  you try to choose a product with not too many variants so you will just need one or two barcodes.  You can use any best product research tool available in the market for your ecommerce business. I recommend : THIS

Other Important Points To Remember

  1. Use your brand name during the UPC code purchase not the company name. For example – if you sell furniture covers under CoverUp and my company name is Luhans Textile LLC then I will use CoverUp on the UPC.
  2. If you company is not registered yet then simply use the brand name or DBA in the company name section.


Finally, you should check the details like pricing, quantity, applicability before making any payment with them. You can chat, call or email the support team to confirm any details. Make sure you select the EAN barcodes if  you sell in the European countries. 

Thank You , Happy Selling !

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