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If you are searching for the virtual office address Chicago, then this article is ideal for you!

Is a virtual office worth the work?

Virtual office gives you the licenses to set up your offices while you operate it remotely. 

It gives you the benefits of a specialist office space without any huge costs.

This is an unprecedented decision for modern entreprenuers or people who like to work from home. 

About Chicago

Location :

On Lake Michigan in Illinois, is among the largest cities in the U.S. 


Winters are cold and frequently see snow and windchills, summers are warm and moist, spring and fall bring episodes of both cool and warm climate and genuinely bright skies. 

Why Chicago for virtual office?

  1. Chicago is famous for the industries like food, metals, insurance, transportation, food processing.  This city has more prominence in the manufacturing sector than services.


  2. Chicago’s been making its mark in several sectors. There are several booming industries in Chicago right now that are all thriving in because of the city’s central location. 
  3. Chicago is home to one of the world’s best public transportation networks. 

  4. Chicago is also home to a growing number of virtual startup companies, such as Groupon, Orbitz, 37signals, Feedburner, and CareerBuilder. 

  5. Famous celebrtites like Knaye West, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama live in Chicago. 

A. Opus Virtual Offices Chicago

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Known as the focal point of the Midwest, Chicago is home to the fourth most Fortune 500 organizations.

Opening a virtual office in Chicago offers large benefits for any business, both as far as client base and capacity to recruit top level ability.

Found midtown, our lofty Chicago virtual place of business is at the core of the Loop Neighborhood. Home to a portion of the top money monsters, the Loop is viewed as the monetary focus of the city.

Allow your business to mirror its degree of incredible skill, for just $99 you can have an amazing place of work on Chicago’s Loop as well.  

Say no more to having a conference at a close by bistro. Chicago virtual office flaunts three gathering rooms, which can oblige gatherings of up to 10 individuals.

Why bear the weighty capital of buying a customary office space when you can put resources into an Opus Virtual Office all things being equal? 

1. Address

122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1390 Chicago, IL 60603

Most Rated


$ 99 /month with all facilities

Amenities :

It’s closeness to attractions and travel make 26 Broadway an ideal spot for suburbanites.

Situated close to the Bowling Green station with admittance to the 4 and 5 trains, the J, M or Z trains on Broad Street, the N and R trains on Rector Street or the 2 and 3 trains on Wall Street.

All the tram stations are inside a brief stroll from the front entryway. 26 Broadway is likewise only a short stroll from the Staten Island Ferry and Battery Park.  

Notwithstanding the elements of the exemplary Opus Virtual Offices arrangement, for example, live assistant call reply, corporate postage information, voice message switched over completely to email, faxes changed over completely to email and premium call moving (call sending) this top-notch area offers discretionary hourly admittance to expertly staffed gathering room offices for that significant eye to eye gatherings.

Truth be told, with a fast call utilization of a richly delegated gathering space for a negligible part of the cost of keeping a committed office space.  

Additional facilities: 

  • Live Receptionist Answering Calls 
  • Corporate Mailing Address 
  • Company Phone Number 
  • Company Fax Number 
  • Premium Call Transferring (Call Forwarding) 
  • Voice Mail Converted to Email 
  • Faxes Converted to Email 
  • Discounted meeting room time available 
  • Mail Scanning 
  • Business Credit Building  

B. IPostal Business Address Chicago

iPostal1 U.S. additionally, worldwide post box regions are masterfully staffed, secure, full-organization, Digital Mailbox regions prepared to acknowledge your mail and packages and a while later forward, channel, reuse, shred or allow you to get them. Access your own Digital Mailbox on the web or using our free application. 

Address & Contact details :


332 S Michigan Ave 
Suite 121 
Chicago, IL 60604 

Most Rated

Pricing :

Plan pricing varies by Standard, Select, Premium, or Prestige mailbox locations. Plans renew unless cancelled before billing date. Full refund within first 30 days upon request, if account not used for receiving mail or other purpose. 



$9.99 per month 

$99 per year 

30 mail items per month 

Real Street Address 

Complete digital mail box  


$14.99 per month 

$149 per month 

60 mail items per month 

Real Street Address 

Complete digital mail box 


$24.99 per month 

$249 per month 

120 mail items per month 

Real Street Address 

Complete digital mail box 


$39.99 per month 

$399 per month 

240 mail items per month 

Real Street Address 

Complete digital mail box 

Additional Locations:

  • 1449 S Michigan 
    Chicago, IL 60605 


  • 1016 W Jackson Blvd 
    Chicago, IL 60607 
  • 1440 W. Taylor St 
    Chicago, IL 60607 


  • 1130 South Canal Street 
    Chicago, IL 60607 

Check Deposit via Mail, Notary Service Onsite, Print/Copy Services, Graphic Design, Professional Packing, Packaging Supplies, Passport Services, Fingerprinting Services. 

  • Mail or package sending 
  • Mail examining 
  • Shred or reuse undesirable sends 
  • Pickup plan
  • Complete Digital Mailbox 
  • Complementary Phone 
  • Complementary Voice Mail 
  • Complementary Fax 
  • Internet shopping 



Friendly, professional people. Time saving tools. Cost-effective services. It’s everything you need to grow your business, flexibly.  

Assemble your ideal virtual office from our organization of 1200+ worldwide areas. Work all the more deftly and set aside cash with a perceived street number, hourly or everyday office rental, meeting space, proficient live secretary administrations, and a market-driving virtual telephone framework, all on an adaptable help understanding. 

C. Alliance Virtual Offices Chicago

Alliance Virtual Offices offers any commercial organization or mobile entrepreneur who is considering Chicago virtual office space, a wide variety of different office space, meeting room, conference room, service packages (ex: video conferencing, receptionist, phone answering) and business center options from which to choose.

Alliance Virtual Offices offers Chicago virtual office spaces that range from large, open-plan office spaces (perfect for a company headquarters) to smaller individual spaces and workstations. 

Alliance Virtual Offices offers three fantastic Chicago virtual office spaces that come fully equipped with some of the best values, services and amenities that the Midwest had to offer. 

Address & Contact details :


North Michigan Business Center 
205 North Michigan Avenue 
Suite 810 
Chicago IL United States 60601  

Most Rated

Pricing :



$ 50 /month 
$150 Setup fee 
(One Time) 

  • Virtual Office 



$150 Setup fee 
(One Time) 

  • Virtual Office
  • Live Receptionist 


Additional Locations:


Chicago Northside Office Center 
3047 N. Lincoln Ave. 
Suite 400 
Chicago IL United States 60657 


Ohare Plaza Building 
8745 W. Higgins Rd. 
Suite 110 
Chicago IL United States 60631 


Before selecting any Chicago virtual office address, you should consider what you need exactly. You can avail only those benefits, remaining addons you can simply avoid to reduce the extra cost.