Top 6 Virtual Office Address Austin for 2023 | Virtual office Austin Tx

If you are looking for the best and affordable Austin virtual office in 2023, then this article will help you. We enlisted top 6 virtual office brands in Austin Texas.

With the growing demand on the virtual office space in and around Austin Texas, many brands came out with nice decorative fully furnished office spaces to offer the business owners.

No matter if you have just started your business or planning to start still you can contact the below listed brands to have a virtual office Austin.

What is a virtual office ?

Virtual office is a service that provides business owners like you with all benefits of a owning a physical office. You will get an office address, telephone number, access to meeting rooms along with many other perks. All this without need of owning or renting a physical office.

The virtual offices have become popular lately with increase in number of people working from home. The virtual offices give people access to professional sounding business address and sectorial services to manage communications.

Overall, a virtual office address helps in adding credibility to the business and attract clients.

Top 6 Benefits of Having a Virtual Address Austin Texas

  • Looks Professional

    Although unconventional workspaces and home offices are becoming normal but, in some industries, a professional address matter. For those solopreneurs or small enterprises looking to attract traditional thinking corporate clients, a virtual office address in very helpful.

  • Location

    Location of your office also goes a big way in impressing the client and assuring the client that you are a legitimate business. Other benefit is that you can easily add foreign locations to your office space by simply buying a subscription to a virtual office service provider.

  • Flexibility

    Virtual office address adds multiple office locations for businesses throughout the world. This helps add flexibility to the business with their increased ability to attend clients from around the globe.

  • Access to Meeting Facilities

    With virtual office address, you not only get access to address but also get access to state of art meeting facilities. You can easily use these facilities to meet your clients physically or to hold conference.

  • Communication

    With your dedicated business telephone number, you easily get access to the professional receptionists. That ensures the smooth communication with all your clients. All the posts, letters, parcels can be handled by professional at these virtual offices.

  • Budget

    With all these features and services, these virtual offices are far more economical than renting an actual office and managing the staff. With a virtual office solution, you won’t need to buy equipment, furniture, or hire staff. It is overall cost savings on all these fronts.

About Austin Texas ?

Location :

Texas is located in the south-central part of the country USA. Austin is the capital of Texas state and it is in the centre of Texas.

As a virtual office location:

Austin tx can be an ideal virtual business location for those who are looking for rapid growth as it is situated in the centre of Texas. 

Why Austin Texas ?

According to Pheabs analysis – Austin is the best place to start your business in USA. It has friendly environment to – 

  • Startups
  • Venture capital
  • Lower taxes
  • Lower cost of living
  • growth oriented culture
  • close to nature
  • mostly sunny weather

Top 6 Virtual Business Address Austin Texas - Best Selection

general aff virtual office austin tx
general aff virtual office austin tx

Opus virtual office aims at providing you with a smart low-cost virtual office. Opus virtual address costs you fraction of any traditional office. It provides many services all-inclusive in their monthly subscription fee.


1005 Congress Avenue, Suite 925 Austin, TX 78701

Most Rated

$ 99 /month with all facilities

With Opus virtual office Houston, you get all these amenities or facilities :

  • Live call answering by professional receptionist
  • Corporate mailing address
  • Unique company phone number
  • Company Fax number
  • Voice mails converted to email
  • Faxes converted to email
  • Premium call transferring
  • Credit building for business

With Opus virtual offices, you get all the above mentioned services at a fixed monthly fee. The low cost of this service ensures that you get to spend your hard-earned money on growing your business.

With presence at more than 650 locations across USA, opus provides most economical services for small business owners. 

Ready for use by international companies looking to expand into US but don’t want to spend too much on opening physical offices.

Opus Virtual Offices is one of the most economical virtual office rentals at just $99/month, with all the services included. There will be an one time setup & notary fee of $ 100 which is common to all service providers. You won’t have to anything extra for any service you use.

Opus virtual office  is giving $ 100 offer plus one month subscription free for a limited time period. This is quite interesting right? Yes, to Opus virtual office promo code, you need to keep these 2 points in your mind –


1. If you prepay them 11 months then you will get 1 month FREE subscription.

2. To get the $ 100 additional OFF you need to use  the promo code “WSUF” during checkout . 


  • LLC
  • Large business
  • S-Corp
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • NGO

To get started with Opus virtual offices at Austin Texas, click this button below

Do you think Austin location is not a perfect match for you in Texas ? Don’t worry I made the below list with great Opus virtual office Texas for you.  

There are 31 other virtual offices offered by Opus VO. You can choose anyone one as per your requirements. 

Alliance virtual offices are available at more than 1200 virtual locations. And provides you with many cost-efficient services that can help small businesses grow.

They have 4 virtual offices only at the different prime locations in Austin Texas. Those addresses are : 

Tillery Building

701 Tillery Street Suite 12 Austin TX United States 78702

A. Virtual Office : $ 45/mo

B. Virtual Office
+ Live Receptionist : $ 140/ mo

C. Virtual Office
+ Meeting Room Hours : $ 576/mo

D. Virtual Office + Meeting Room Hours + Live Receptionist :  $ 671/ mo 

For each plan one time set up cost – $ 150

Tower of the Hills

13809 Research Boulevard Suite 500 Austin TX United States 78750

A. Virtual Office : $ 55/mo

B. Virtual Office
+ Live Receptionist : $ 150/ mo

For each plan one time set up cost – $ 150

Wild Basin II

108 Wild Basin Rd South Suite 250 Austin TX United States 78746

A. Virtual Office : $ 55/mo

B. Virtual Office
+ Live Receptionist : $ 150/ mo

For each plan one time set up cost – $ 150

Bee Cave Office Center

14425 Falcon Head Blvd. Building E - Suite 100 Austin TX US 78738

A. Virtual Office : $ 80/mo

B. Virtual Office
+ Live Receptionist : $ 175/ mo

C. Virtual Office
+ Meeting Room Hours : $ 349/mo

D. Virtual Office + Meeting Room Hours + Live Receptionist :  $ 444/ mo 

For each plan one time set up cost – $ 150


  • Virtual offices: Alliance virtual offices have presence of over 1200 unique locations that include virtual offices space Austin. You get to choose from multiple options available to you and that too within your budget.
  • Live Receptionist: The Live receptionist service helps you in taking all your calls while help you make a positive impression on your customers. With alliance virtual office live receptionist service, you get a professional and friendly call answering.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers: This service provides you with dedicated business number that helps you build credibility for your business. Getting a virtual phone number also helps in protecting your privacy and personal number.
  • Meeting Rooms: Alliance virtual offices provides you with access to the business-oriented meeting rooms. That provides full service and are fully equipped to hold any size of meeting. You can easily book a meeting room using the robust and easy to use online booking system.
  • Coworking Spaces: alliance virtual offices provide you with professionally managed coworking spaces that are ideal for remote teams and work-anywhere entrepreneurs. These coworking spaces are well equipped to help you enhance your productivity.

Alliance Virtual Office Texas Is Suitable For :

  • LLC
  • Large business
  • S-Corp
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • NGO

Alliance Virtual Office Promo Code :

Alliance virtual office launces promo code or offers on their varieties of services across the locations. These offers are available most of the time through out the year. 

For example, in the month of March-April you will get promotional discounts due to the financial year ending. But for our readers there is no need to wait till the season ! you will get $ 75 off on setup fee once you use our special promo code ” VIRTUALLLY50″ throughout the year. 

1. VIRTUALLLY50 : $ 75 off on Office setup fee.

2. SETUPAPRIL40 : $ 40 off on setup fee ( < $ 60 purchase )

3. LRAPRIL22 : $ 40 off on Live Receptionist

4. VPAPRIL22 : $ 10 off on phone 

To get started with Alliance Virtual Offices or to check their different services and prices.

Opus Vs Alliance : Pros & Cons

Fixed monthly fee
Price varies based on the locations & facilities
Best for USA & Canada locations
World wide virtual office locations in 42 countries
Contract starts with 3 months minimumContract starts with 6 months minimum
Great choice for online business operations
Great for both online & physical space as they provide secured private office space & co-working space also
Bonus : Freelancers For Texas

These freelancers on Fiverr can make your life easy by doing your Texas  related activities for you. You can approve the payment only after you are fully satisfied. Lets discuss your requirements with them on Fiverr !

Ipostal virtual office provides digital mailbox services to clients worldwide. They have about 2000+ actual street address where you can receive your parcels and mails from anywhere. You will get instant notification for any package received and then you can decide on what to do with it.

You can use the Ipostal 1 website or app to manage your mails on the go. You can decide to whether to forward the mail, shred it or store it. Businesses can use this service to register their business with this address to give a more professional outlook. This service can also help you build your presence in many places without need to open a physical office.

This service is not only for businesses, you can also use this for your personal use. To stay connected especially when you are away from home.


Ipostal virtual office offers you with three unique plans which you can choose per your needs and budget.

  • Virtual Mailing Address: A mailing address to receive mails for personal use. They have 4 types of virtual mailing plans – Green ( lowest) , Blue, Silver and Gold ( Highest)

Their green virtual mailing address monthly plan starts at $9.99/month and goes up to $39.99/month for the gold plan. 

  • Virtual Business Address: A virtual mailing address for you to receive business mails and manage them digitally using app or web. The plan starts at $9.99/month and goes up to $39.99/month depending upon the number of mails you want to receive.
  • Virtual Office: With virtual office address, you will also get a phone number and a fax number along with your virtual office address. The plans start at $39.99/month and go up to $69.99/month.
ServicesMailing AddressBusiness AddressOffice Space
Monthly Plan Lowest ( $ )101040
Monthly Plan Highest ( $ )404070
Yearly Plan Lowest ( $ )9999399
Yearly Plan Highest ( $ )399399799
Monthly Plan Lowest ( $ )
Monthly Plan Highest ( $ )
Yearly Plan Lowest  ( $ )
Yearly Plan Highest ( $ )
Mail Address Monthly Lowest10
Mail Address Monthly Highest40
Mail Address Yearly Lowest99
Mail Address Yearly Highest399
Business Address Monthly Lowest10
Business Address Monthly Highest40
Business Address Yearly Lowest99
Business Address Yearly Highest399
Office Space Monthly Lowest40
Office Space Monthly Highest70

Office Space Yearly Lowest

Office Space Yearly Highest799
 See Latest Price 
  • Freelancers
  • Individual
  • LLC
  • Small business
  • Mid-size
  • Large business
  • NGO

To know more or to get started with Ipostal 1 services. click the button below. 

Anytime mailbox has 184+ locations only in Texas , many of them are in Austin as well. Apart from Austin, TX will get locations like Allen, Bed Fort, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Cypress, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Grape Vine , Houston, Katy, McKinney, Plano, Spring, Sugar Land, Tomball and so on. 

So you will have a wide range of choice to find out the best virtual address to receive, open, delete and shred official letters digitally.  You can also get it forwarded to your home address if you need the document physically. 

Anytime mailbox offers virtual business address at a very cheaper cost. You can pay it monthly or yearly. 

There are total 4 plans – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Unlimited. There bronze plan starts at 10 USD / mo while 70 USD / mo the price of the unlimited plan.

They have fantastic customer support teams and rapidly expanding the locations globally. As of now their branches exist in all the major countries in the world. You can definitely try their virtual address services for a month or two, and then upgrade to annual plan to save further. 

  • Individual
  • SMB
  • Mid-size
  • Large business

FAQ - Anytime Mailbox

Can I use Anytime Mailbox address to register an LLC?

According to the practical facts, the USA governments donot accept Anytime Mailbox private addresses to register your LLC or S-corp. For mre info pls visite their official page -

Visit Anytime Mailbox official website for more info!

Can I use Anytime Mailbox address to get Google adsense or Google My Business verification code?

It will not work , Google will immediately reject anytime mailbox addresses. For more info pls visit their official page -

Visit Anytime Mailbox official website for more info!

iPostal1Anytime Mailbox
22% market shareOccupied 16% market
starts with $ 10 / moStarts with $ 7/ mo
Manage duplicate mailsNo duplicate management
Enjoy nice graphical mail designerNo graphical mail design
First register your US LLC, then approve payment.

Before mentioning the remaining virtual address providers, let me confirm that by using Opus, Alliance, iPostal1 services you can use that address to register your business such as LLC. Donot use registered agent address for your day to day business activities. 

So once you get a proper address, contact any of these sellers on Fiverr.  Just tell them that you already have an address now you want to register a US LLC. You can contact them if you are a resident or non-us resident.

  • Start doing business in USA from your home
  • Forming an LLC can be daunting and expensive
  • No hidden fees & no contact.
  • 24/7 fast & friendly customer care
  • IRS 2553 form
  • Get fast EIN.
  • Will get registered agent
  • Filing of articles of org
  • The most trusted & popular 
  • Will get the professional customer support
  • Choose the best one from 270+ experts
  • You are 100% safe, though you will place the order but they seller will get the amount only after you are satisfied with delivery and approve it. 
  • Can order any services related to your business like tax filing, website, plan, grants, loans, logo, content, graphics etc

PostScan Mail services enable you to offer virtual mailbox services to your customers. PostScan Mail will upload your mail, packages, magazines and postcards to the cloud. That you can view using the postscan mail portal or app, and decide on whether to open and scan, forward it to your address or recycle it.

Postscan mail can also bundle your various packages together and mail it to you anywhere in the world. PostScan Mail has presence in over 200 locations worldwide. This includes virtual office Austin Tx, virtual office Chicago, virtual office Houston and virtual business address Los Angeles.

After choosing the desired address from these 200 locations, you will get a U.S street address that will receive your mails and packages. The mails and packages will then be scanned and uploaded, that you can manage from your computer or mobile app. You will get instant notification when you receive a new mail on this address.

You can then choose from various options available to you that include mail scanning, forwarding, shredding, or storing. All depending upon your need at that movement.

Different packages offered by PostScan Mail virtual office address services start from $15 per month and go up to $30 per month. There are many addon services available that you can use as per your requirement.

To get a virtual address or virtual office address using PostScan Mail.

Also Read

Are you ok with any city in Texas? Then Houston can be the best for you. You will get an online address with unlimited exterior letter scans with US Global Mail. You can use their business HQ address to form your own LLC, S-corp, C-corp, driving license, EIN, back accounts and so on.

Houston, TX

1321 Upland Dr. Houston, Texas, 77043

Most Rated


Starts with 35 USD/month

( business plan billed monthly, for other packages find below )

US Global offers 2 business plans – 

  • Billed yearly – $ 30 USD/ mo
  • Billed monthly – $ 35 USD/ mo

They also have 2 packages & 4 plans for personal usage. The 2 packages are Basic & Plus. The 4 plans are – 

  • Basic billed yearly – $ 10/mo
  • Basic billed monthly – $ 15/mo
  • Plus billed yearly – 15/mo
  • Plus billed monthly- 20/mo
accesspostalmailremotely247 virtual office austin tx

In all plans you will get 24/7 acess to your digital mailbox that means it better than a physical box. You donot need to travel frequently to collect them. With US Global, you can see letters, open, request shipping to your home country or shread it , manage docs as you want.


US Global Mail Use Cases
Can use to register LLC
Can use for EIN
Can use for business bank accounts, but inform bank that it is from US Global which is a CMRA address.
Can use it for Driving license
Can use both business & personal purposes
Can use for IRS
Letter open & Scan
Unlimited exterior letter scanning
Global mail forwarding
Shredding request
Digital mailbox access 24/7
30 days money back
Can add your employees as users
Worldclass security with Electronic doors, 24/7 surveillance
Discounted shipping – upto 80% OFF of retail shipping rates
Free Cheque deposit
Real USA street address, no PO box
Can add multipls businesses
Can add multiple personal names
Handle letter & Packages both

To get started with US Global Mail simply click the button below.

Shared Office Space Austin TX

If you are looking for a very much affordable coworking or shared office space in Austin Texas, then also I will guide you. This will cut down your own office space renting cost drastically, on the top of that you will get premium office amenities & office environment. Just you need reach the physically with your laptop, thats it. 


WesTech 360

8911 N. Capital of Texas Highway Suite 4200, Austin, TX 78759

Shared co-working Office : $ 149/mo

Full time space month to month

Tillery Street

701 Tillery Street Suite 12, Austin, TX 78702

 $ 240/mo (  pay per month ) 

 $ 200/mo (  pay 6 months together ) 


Bee Cave Office

14425 Falcon Head Blvd. Building E - Suite 100, Austin, TX 78738

Shared co-working Office : $ 250/mo

Full time space month to month

Dripping Springs

13141 W US Highway 290 Building 2, Austin, TX 78737

Shared co-working Office : $ 250/mo

Full time space month to month

Not Austin but some other citiles in Texas ? I will mention those as well. 

Alliance has 55+ shared office spaces in Texas alone, the price starts from $ 99 / mo. You can easily choose the locations as per convenience as it ranges from Dallas, Houston, Plano, Grapevine, San Antonio, Georgetown, Katy and so on. 

Cheapest Shared Office TX 1

  • 1846 N. Loop 1604 W Suite 205, San Antonio, TX 78248
  • Wifi
  • Printer & Copier
  • Paid parking available
  • Full Time Desk
  • Free Coffee
  • 24/7 support

Cheapest Shared Office TX 2

  • 3274 S. 27th Street , Abilene, TX 79605
  • Wifi
  • Printer & Copier
  • Paid parking available
  • Full Time Desk
  • Free Coffee
  • 24/7 support


Virtual offices are an excellent way to establish a presence worldwide presence in most economical way. There are many options available for selecting a virtual office as per your need.

From the above mentioned, Opus Virtual Offices is one of the most economical option available, if you are looking for virtual office in US.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Are The Typical Users Of A Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are beneficial for use by any business professional. Even if you are a start-up looking to minimize your expenses or an established entity looking to expand your business. The virtual offices are for you.

The virtual offices are most economical option for any time of business. As with virtual office rentals, you get access to the well-furnished offices with access to professional reception services.

How Does Virtual Office Differ From A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual office will provide you with access to a physical office address. That can also handle your mail received, telephone calls along with many add-on services.


On other hand, a virtual assistant provides you admin services on per hour basis unlike a regular full-time employee. Hiring a virtual assistant is an economical way of getting your mundane task outsourced. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, you can check this article on virtual assistants.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Office?

Virtual offices have many benefits apart from being the most economical way to grow any business.

The benefits of a virtual office include following.

  • Improve your business reputation
  • Save time and money
  • Flexibility of scaling up or shrinking business as per requirement
  • Highly beneficial for remote workers
How Does A Virtual Office Work?

The virtual office provides you with a business address instantly that is helpful in registering a business. Or as an additional address in other local to help add legitimacy to your business.  

You can use virtual office address to receive mails, telephone calls in countries and cities where you don’t have an actual physical presence. Unlike traditional offices, the virtual offices are far more economical and easy to setup.

How Much Does A Virtual Office Cost?

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the pricing of a virtual office. The basic service like receiving a mail or using address for business registration can start at $30 per month.

Other services, including live reception call answering and meeting spaces, can go higher up to $150/month depending upon service you choose.

The price of a virtual office and related services can vary as per your requirement of the services.


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