What are vcourts ?

The concept of a  virtual court  came to remove the presence of a plaintiff or lawyer in court. Everything goes on a virtual or digital platform.

A virtual court can be monitored using electronic devices by a judge whose jurisdiction can extend across the state and function all day and night.

A website will there for the public to access their case status. People can use their mobile number, challan, CNR, Vehicle number to search the cases.

Search Your Case with Any of These

Mobile Number


Car Number

CNR Number

How Virtual Court Works?

In the present scenario, the appellants are provided with the facility to file suit online through e-filing and also pay court fees or fine digitally. 

The website URL is : https://vcourts.gov.in . This is the official website launched on 7th August 2013 by Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India. 

Various channels were created for smooth service delivery using internet & various digital mediums. 


How To Pay Virtual Court Challan

Know step by step process how to pay the virtual court challan?

Virtual Court Challan

1. Visit website : vcourts.gov.in

2. Select State

3. Process Now

4. Search your case by any of the following : Mobile number / CNR / Party name / Challan or vehicle number

5. Fill Captcha

6. Submit

7. All your challans will show at the bottom

8. Click any one challan

9. You can see the details of that parrticular challan

10. I wish to pay

11. Generate OTP

12. Put & verify OTP

13. Check mark or Tick both boxex below.

14. Fill the payment details : using any one Debit / Credit card , Internet Banking, UPI

15. Verify OTP

16. You will get “Payment Success” page

17. You can download the invoice or take screenshots.

Virtual Court Hearings

During the recent covid-19 pandemic many courts are already  using video conference platforms like Google meet, zoom, microsoft teams,  Skype etc. 

In a virtual court hearing there is a big television inside the courtroom. The operator or host is enough to manage the meeting.

Whereas the judge can attend easily from his residence, give judgement and sign documents digitally. 

Most of the US states like North Dakota, Texas, New York, Kansas city- Missouri already adopted this new technology and realized how it saves time and money a lot. Here are few important links :

For Kansas City Missouri : CLICK HERE

For New York : CLICK HERE

For New Jersey : CLICK HERE  


Can I pay challan using mobile?

Yes you can pay challan using your mobile.

What are the modes of payment available ?

You can pay using Debit Card,Credit Card, Internet Banking, UPI .

How they impose the fine to a vehicles?

Actually form CCTV footages , traffic depertment trace the vehicles that break law and impose fine on them as penalty.

What is the website to pay?
Is this portal for only Delhi traffic?

No, this is the common national portal that covers all states in India related to Virtual cases.

When this fine being imposed?

When someone drives fast, doesnot wear helmets or seat belts.

How will I understand my cases falls under Virtual?

If you are not getting ‘Pay Now’ button on the state traffic website, then you will see Virtual Court Option

Is Virtual Court more dangerous?

Nothing like that. It is a digital court. You can settle your case online from the comfort of your home. 

Is there any judge available?

Yes one dedicated judge will be available during the working hours.

  • Working Hours :

    A Virtual court works Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5PM.

Thank You